How Do You Learn About New Items for Sale at Coach Outlets?

How Do You Learn About New Items for Sale at Coach Outlets?

Coach customers can learn about new items for sale at Coach outlets through the company's official outlet store website, The website publishes current products available in its outlet stores as well as special promotions.

The official outlet store website is a handy resource for fans of the Coach brand. It includes information on products offered through outlet stores, an outlet store locator tool and an online shopping feature. The online outlet store is private, so customers must sign up to receive invitations for online sales events. Registration is free, but it does not guarantee invitation to sales events. The company sends invitations to registered users at random. Coach shoppers who miss out on sales can often find items in outlet stores. To sign up for online outlet sales events, run through the following steps.

  1. Go to the official Coach Outlet website
  2. Coach runs a separate website for its outlet stores. It only offers outlet merchandise online through this website.

  3. Sign up for the email service
  4. Sign up for the email service to receive invitations for upcoming online sales events. Customers who register for the email service can also receive news about new arrivals in stores, in-store promotions and other news.

  5. Browse current looks
  6. Customers can scout out products currently offered in outlet store locations on