What Are Some Leading Brands of Jeans?

Some leading brands of jeans are Levi, Wrangler, Calvin Klein and Lee. These brands of jeans are available in a variety of fits and styles that are designed to flatter different body types.

Some factors to consider when choosing jeans are the fit, the rise, the cut and the length. The rise of the jeans determines where the jeans will sit on the waist. For instance, Levi jeans are available in low, mid and high rise options. The cut usually indicates the shape of the jeans' legs. Some options for the cut of Wrangler jeans are bootcut, flared, straight and tapered. It is also important to consider body type when choosing jeans. The right pair of jeans can help slenderize and elongate the wearer's appearance.

Another factor when selecting a pair of jeans is the wash. The wash refers to the coloring of the denim. Dark wash jeans are not blighted by fading and are considered slimming, but they can also be less comfortable to wear due to the stiffness of the fabric. Stone wash jeans are weathered to give the denim a faded appearance and softer feel. Examples of washes for Calvin Klein jeans are gray wash and medium wash.