How Do You Layer Thick Hair?


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Thick hair is layered by first sectioning the hair into separate pieces, then elevating each piece at opposing 90 degree angles for dramatic layers and 45 degree angles for subtle layers. The hair is trimmed according to those angles in order to achieve the desired effect.

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Thick hair is often layered with standard hair cutting scissors, shears with serrated blades meant to thin hair or with a razor. Layering is a sure way to add volume and makes the perfect backdrop for highlighting hair coloring and also serves as the basis for dramatic hairstyles and elevate the texture of naturally wavy hair.

Areas such as the crown, top of the head, or bangs area are better for layering than others. The nape of the neck, above the ears and the hair's part should typically not be layered, but exceptions to those rules are made for the right head of hair. The ends of the hair and the hairline around the face should not be layered, as there is not enough hair in those places to support adequate layers.

In order to perform layering, section the hair into separate pieces. To achieve even distribution, pull the pieces in a 45 or 90-degree angle away from the head, depending on the chosen severity of layer. Cut the hair at the angle that best fits the desired style.

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