How Do You Layer Hair?

How Do You Layer Hair?

To cut layers, start with freshly washed hair, divide it into seven sections, and cut the perimeter to the desired length. Release skinny sections of hair, hold them straight out from the head, and cut to the guideline. Check for evenness regularly.

  1. Section the hair

    Wash and towel-dry the hair. Remove any tangles. Divide the back of the hair from crown to nape. Section the two sides into halves so that you have four sections, and clip. Divide the top out, and clip. Clip the sides.

  2. Cut the perimeter

    Release a 1/2-inch section of hair all around the hairline. Cut this hair to the desired length. This is your guideline for the layering.

  3. Start cutting

    Release a skinny section of hair from the bottom of the two lowermost back sections. Comb it together with the guideline. Draw this hair out at a 90-degree angle from the head, making sure the guideline is in your fingers. Cut the hair to the guideline.

  4. Cut all the layers

    Continue releasing skinny sections of hair and cutting them to the guideline. Work up to the crown, then cut the top from the forehead to the crown. For the sides, start above the ear on either side and work up to the top section. Periodically pull sections of hair up from either side of the head to ensure evenness.