How Do You Layer Clothes?


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The key aspect behind layering clothing is to use several thin, complementary pieces that work together without adding bulk. For example, combine a thin shirt with a thin sweater, a light jacket and a minimal scarf in a similar color palette.

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Layering clothes involves wearing several different pieces of clothing on top of each other in a stylish fashion. When layering, focus on thin items, rather than thick ones, in order to maintain a wide range of motion and avoid looking bulky or overweight. Start off with a regular shirt or camisole, and proceed to place additional thin t-shirts or button-up shirts on top of it. By wearing multiple thin layers, you can obtain a noticeable amount of warmth while keeping to the body’s natural size and shape. Stick with a similar color scheme, and limit bright or loud patterns to one article of clothing.

The final jacket worn, if any, is also key to a successfully layered outfit. Avoid full fur jackets and instead go for fur trim, as it has the same visual effect without the added bulk. Scarves and hats can add to the style and tone of a layered outfit with minimal added bulk or discomfort.

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