What Is Laser Hair Removal for Men?


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Laser hair removal for men employs the use of high-frequency light-emitting devices that penetrate the skin deep into the root of the hair shaft and expend a laser beam that is able to kill the hair root. This treatment is frequently used to remove unwanted body hair on the back, chest, stomach, shoulders and genital area.

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According to WebMD, this technique does not kill the entire hair follicle; hair may be able to grow back at some point in the future. However, this is uncommon. Laser hair removal is considered a long-term, but impermanent, solution. Candidates with fair skin and dark hair are likely to see the most benefits from this technique. People with blond or white hair most likely will not see results.

Patients with dark skin are warned against using most forms of laser hair removal, as the lasers target dark pigment and this can result in potentially severe burns to the skin. The only laser currently approved for dark skin is the Nd: YAG. Laser hair removal generally costs between $400 and $500 per treatment. Several treatments are required to achieve full results. A wait time of around four to six weeks is usually recommended between visits.

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