How Does Laser Freckle Removal Work?


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In laser freckle removal, a laser is passed across the face and it removes the melanin in the skin. Different types of lasers are used based on the color and size of the freckles.

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Freckles are usually caused when the melanin in the skin reacts with the sun, although some are genetically inherited. In most cases, exposure to the sun makes freckles worse. While freckles are not often linked to serious medical problems, some people prefer to have them removed for cosmetic reasons. Laser surgery is one popular way to remove them.

The melanin in the skin helps block ultraviolet light, which consists of short wavelengths of light. To remove freckles, doctors use green light because it has a longer wavelength. As the melanin absorbs the green light, it heats up the pigment, causing it to break into smaller pieces. These pieces are then removed through skin exfoliation

Freckle removal sessions can last around 45 minutes. Patients first wash their skin, then the doctor applies a gel to the skin before using the laser. Cool air is sometimes blown onto the skin during the process to counteract the heat. Immediately following a session, the freckles may get darker, but they eventually migrate to the upper layer of skin and then fall off.

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