What Does a Ladybug Tattoo Symbolize?

ladybug-tattoo-symbolize Credit: David McNew / Staff/Getty Images News/Getty Images

According to folklore and various cultural beliefs worldwide, a ladybug tattoo symbolizes good luck, happiness and good fortune. Killing one, however, brings misfortune and sadness. In France, if a ladybug lands on an ill person, it is believed that he will be cured and in Britain, farmers consider seeing ladybugs as a sign of a good crop and good weather.

A ladybug symbolized good fortune in the Victorian era and even earlier. Victorian ladies believed they would get a new item depending on where the bug landed on their bodies. For example, if it landed on a woman's head, she believed she would get a new hat. In modern times, if a ladybug were to land on a person, the person?s wish might come true.

The number of dots on the ladybug also carries different meanings. If it lands on an unmarried person, then the dots predict the number of fortunate months ahead. If it lands on a newly married woman, the dots tell how many children she will have.

There are various stories as to how these bugs came by the name ladybug. One famous story is that European farmers prayed to the Virgin Mary to save their crops from insects during the Medieval period. Then, ladybugs came and ate the insects. The bugs were called ?The Beetles of Our Lady,? a phrase that became "lady beetles" later on.