What Are Some Korean Makeup Tips?


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To apply Korean-style makeup, begin by applying moisturizer to minimize the appearance of pores, then follow with a high-quality primer. Next, use a pore-diminishing foundation, such as BB Cream, over the primer, then wait for a few moments to allow the foundation to dry. Reapply the pore-diminishing foundation on any areas of the face where pores are particularly visible, then finish with a matte powder to achieve the appearance of flawless skin.

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Once you have the foundation set, eyeliner, mascara and eyebrow-defining gel or cream are essentials to completing Korean-style makeup. Use high-quality eyeliner to outline the eyes, then apply eyebrow-defining gel or cream. The traditional Korean style for eyebrows is a straight line. After applying the eyebrow-defining product, use a soft brush to even out and smooth the color of the gel over the entire brow. Finish the eye with a coat of mascara, or add a few false eyelashes to sparse areas.

In general, Korean makeup includes lightly colored lip balm rather than bright lipstick. Opt for a color that suits skin tone, and apply the lip balm without lip liner. Pink lip balm suits most skin tones and is a popular choice in Korea.

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