What Are Some Korean Makeup Application Tips?

What Are Some Korean Makeup Application Tips?

Korean makeup tips involve graduated lip tint, accentuated eyes and flawless skin. The Korean double-cleanse is the foundation of makeup application. This starts with a gentle oil cleanser to remove bacteria and draw out sebum without drying the skin. The second step is using a cream cleanser with gentle, circular motions.

Korean makeup application involves using CC cream, which is a color corrector similar to BB cream. It brightens the skin, conceals redness and controls excess oil without the matte quality of traditional foundation.

For eyeliner, Koreans often use liquid liner for a dark line with a flick at the end. For a more natural look, many Koreans opt for rich, brown eyeliner worn close to the lash line.

A quintessential Korean look is the "aegyo sal" or tiny pockets of fat under the lower lashes. Meant to resemble the slight puffiness common in children, the aegyo sal is achieved by brushing cream-colored eye shadow under the lash line, adding a matte brown in a half-moon and blending away the harsh lines.

For lips, gradient lipstick is popular, which is supposed to make the wearer look like she was sucking on a strawberry lollipop. This look starts with an application of a milky tint over both lips followed by highly pigmented pink starting at the center of the lower lip and radiating out from there. Light pink blends the gradient. The look is topped with clear gloss.