What Kinds of Things Are in the Jafra Product Catalog?

The Jafra product catalog includes skin care items, makeup, fragrances and toiletries. The company offers several different lines within these categories, as well as some accessories.

Jafra offers several lines of skin care products. Dynamics products specialize in maintaining the look of healthy skin and fighting the signs of aging. These lines include Gold Dynamics, Time Dynamics, Brightening Dynamics, Advanced Dynamics and Beauty Dynamics. Royal Jelly, Jafra Pro and Define Your Body all take a targeted approach to skin care. Sun Care offers three levels of SPF protection from five different products and a cooling gel.

Makeup lines target lips, eyes, cheeks, nails and skin. They also provide makeup removers, brushes, sharpeners and nail care sets.

Jafra offers fragrance collections for women, young women, men, young men and children. They also offer a line called Jafra blends that is intended to layer over other scents.

Toiletries include hair and body care lines, spa products, men's grooming products, baby and toddler lines. Hair care products include shampoos, conditioners and repair treatments. Body care lines are tailored for skin type and include deodorants and pedicure products.

Products and availability vary by region. Jafra consultants provide catalogs to their customers and for orders at parties. The catalog is also posted on the Jafra website.