What Kinds of Products Does Young Living Offer?

Young Living offers products containing essential oils for personal care, home care, health care and nutrition, as of 2015. The company also sells individual and blended oils, along with the accessories to diffuse these oils. Young Living offers both topical and consumable products, for their customers.

Young Living products for personal care include anti-aging skin remedies, shampoos and conditioners for hair, oral care products and body lotions. Its home care products offer a range of natural household cleansers, air fresheners, cooking equipment and pet grooming merchandise. Young Living health care and nutrition products consist of vitamins, antioxidants, remedies for joint and mobility impairment, weight management therapies and healthy snacks. There are also seasonal, limited-time products and a holiday catalog.

Young Living provides diffusers for its aromatherapy oils that are intended for use in homes and offices. Some are manufactured in plain solid shapes with muted colors. Others look like toys with vibrant colors and characters, such as the Dolphin Reef or Dino Land diffusers. Young Living also sells a travel fan diffuser, several USB diffusers manufactured in different colors, a power adapter diffuser and a remote control diffuser. Additional tools include resin burners and bags, tubing, pipettes and dispensers for their essential oils.