What Kinds of Jewelry Does Fope Sell?


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Fope primarily sells gold jewelry in the form of bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings. Fope also has a division called Silverfope which features twin versions of iconic Fope pieces made from a silver and palladium alloy that does not tarnish.

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What Kinds of Jewelry Does Fope Sell?
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Fope is an Italian jewelry company founded in 1929. According to its website, Fope jewelry is sold in several different collections. The names of these collections include Lovely Daisy, Love Nest, Mialuce, Solo and Wild Rose. Each collection is available to browse in its entirety on Fope.com.

The designs and shapes of Fope jewelry items are very unique to the company. The names for the most iconic Fope jewelry designs are Star, Naos, Fizzy, Air and Ice. The term Star indicates a piece of jewelry with a smooth, tubular chain, while Naos indicates a more classic style of chain. Fizzy is the term for a tubular and sparkly mesh chain style, whereas the Ice style features bold, geometric shapes. Fope's Air design is used primarily for bracelets and includes Flex'it technology that render the bracelets clasp-free.

Materials used in Fope jewelry include rose gold, diamond, white gold, yellow gold and pearls. Besides Fope.com, the company's jewelry is available for sale on the websites JRDunn.com and OsterJewelers.com, among others.

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