What Kinds of Hats Does American Legion Make?


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The American Legion makes a standard uniform cap available to members. The organization also sells a number of baseball cap, visor and bush hat designs to the general public.

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The standard uniform caps are highly customizable. Members can choose to have the cap display various location options, such as their state by itself or in combination with their city, county or district. There are also three different crown designs and members may add optional lettering. Some states require an insignia on the cap, and there are also certain rules of etiquette regarding lettering placement and the nature of the optional text. The uniform cap is intended to be worn only at official Legion meetings or ceremonies or when formally representing the American Legion at public events; it is included in a general dress code the organization has for members to be considered "in uniform."

While the uniform caps are intended for veterans who are members of the organization, a wide range of ballcaps with varying designs (mostly with some sort of American flag motif) are available to anyone to order online. Auxiliary visors, scotty caps, wave-style hat and bush hats are also available. These hats are sold through American Legion Flag & Emblem Sales.

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