What Kinds of Clothes Do Skaters Wear?


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Skateboarders wear clothes that allow for freedom of movement and reflect the relaxed and carefree attitude of skating. These clothes typically include t-shirts, oversized shorts and fitted caps. Other prominent skater fashion items include hoodies, skate shoes, flannel shirts and Hawaiian shirts.

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Skateboarders sport a variety of styles in most aspects in their fashion. In hair, they range from completely shaved heads to long hair or even dreadlocks. In shirts, some prefer tie-dye or torn shirts while others wear plaid or flannel. In pants, some wear oversized while others opt for skinny jeans. In addition, skaters wear specific kinds of shoes designed to help them execute complicated maneuvers. It is important to note that there are significant differences in performance between brands that are simply designed to look like skate shoes and those that are designed to perform.

Skaters do not typically wear clothes that present a button-downed image, or clothes that restrict movement and become uncomfortable when a skater begins to sweat.

It is not necessary to wear skateboarding clothes to be a good or respected skateboarder, and it is also possible to win respect by having an independent style and not only wearing what the skateboarding crowd tends to wear.

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