What Kind of Outfit Can You Make With a Miniskirt?


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A miniskirt can be worn in all but the most formal or professional settings if the outfit is put together carefully. Create conservative, casual or nighttime outfits by choosing the right shoes and accessories, and use long tops or jackets to camouflage the shortness of the skirt in more formal settings.

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Turn a miniskirt into a more conservative look by wearing it with tights or layering it under a sheer overdress. Dress it up with a formal jacket; if the skirt is a little too short for the occasion, try wearing a long jacket that covers the shortness of the hem in the rear.

Other ways to complete a miniskirt outfit include wearing it with a long, asymmetrical top that's longer than the skirt on one side and creates the illusion of a lower hemline. Wearing a bodysuit under a miniskirt helps keep all the layers in place and minimizes any possibility of embarrassment.

The choice of shoes is key in pulling together an outfit built around a miniskirt. A chunky sweater or a boyfriend cardigan pair well with practical ballet flats or even high-top sneakers. Biker boots with a mini send a fashion-conscious message, whereas knee-high riding boots with matching tights help make the look more sophisticated. High heels, especially stilettos, may make a miniskirt look too extreme, so these should be paired with more buttoned-up and conservative choices on top for any situation other than going to a nightclub.

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