What Kind of Merchandise Does the Ocean State Job Lot Stores Sell?


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Ocean State Job Lot stores sell a wide variety of name-brand goods that the company has obtained at a discount from manufacturers. As it obtains these goods due to periodic overstocking or manufacturer discontinuation, the exact items in the stores change over time.

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These stores often focus on stocking seasonal needs specific to the region. For example, as of February 2015, the stores are advertising generators, shovels, flashlights, batteries, Rain-X and winter clothing in response to the very snowy conditions in much of the northeast. They are also offering discounted maple syrup and New England Patriots Super Bowl championship T-shirts.

In addition to seasonal items, the stores regularly carry home furnishings and accessories such as window panels, pillows, furniture covers, comforter sets, kitchen runners and rugs. The stores also usually have a variety of packaged foods such as nuts, canned vegetables, coffee, snacks, sweets, condiments and cooking oils. General home and kitchen goods such as detergent, various cleaners, tape, sponges, over-the-counter medications, and baking pans are also regularly available.

Ocean State Job Lot has 115 stores throughout New England, New York and New Jersey, and not all stores may have the same stock at the same time, particularly grocery items.

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