What Kind of Hair Do You Use for Box Braids?

Synthetic hair is typically used for creating box braids — a popular style choice among African American women. Three strands of hair form the braid with opposing strands crossing over one another.

Box braids take about five hours to install and use around three packs of hair. The amount of hair is determined by the braid size.

Wait about a month before adding braids, and deep condition the hair if it is relaxed. Braids can be worn up to two months at a time. Trim the hair after the braids are removed. Super tight braids can cause traction alopecia, which is a form of hair loss caused by putting excess pressure on the roots.

While wearing boxed braids, the hair should be washed weekly. Wear a stocking cap to avoid frizziness. At night, wear a silk scarf to keep the braids free of frizz and lint.