What Kind of Fashion Is Popular in Nigeria?


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As of 2015, many Nigerian fashion designers are creating garments based off of Nigerian culture, mixing old, classic designs and patterns with new ones. Popular fashion consists of the use of vibrant colors and bold patterns.

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Fashion as a whole in Nigeria is widely varied. Fashion designers have expressed just how much they want to incorporate Nigeria's culture and spirit into their work, getting to the roots of what Nigeria is as a nation and expressing that through their designs and pieces. Nigerian designer, Deola Sagoe, is known for creating pieces with bold patterns and mixing them with contemporary and modern dress shapes. She also incorporates the use of traditional African fabrics.

The iro and buba, traditional African clothing pieces, are being seen more on the runway. The iro is a long skirt that drapes to the ground. The buba is a loose shirt that travels down the length of the body to the middle of the thighs. These traditional garments are usually made of silk, jacquard, and adire.

A modern twist has been taken on these garments. The iro, once long and loose-fitting, has been shortened and made more form-fitting. The buba has been made to fit more snugly on the woman's torso, to accentuate her curves, and the sleeves have been cropped.

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