What Kind of Disney-Themed Bags Does Vera Bradley Make?

What Kind of Disney-Themed Bags Does Vera Bradley Make?

Disney-themed bags made by designer Vera Bradley include the Mickey Mouse Icon Laser Tote and Crossbody Bag, the Mickey Mouse Icon Triple Zip Hipster Bag and the Minnie and Mickey Mouse Disney Dreaming Duffel Bag and Backpack. Many Vera Bradley Disney products come in collections, such as the Disney Dreaming and Icon series. They cover a range of styles, textures and designs to meet the needs and personal preferences of Disney fans of all ages.

Products in the Vera Bradley Disney collection cover a price range from $15 to over $125 as of 2015. They come in many colors, including pink, black, white and brown. Some items, like the crossbody bag and Euro wallet, are small and transportable. They are part of the Disney Dreaming series and come with decorative patterns of multi-colored flowers on a dark blue quilted fabric.

The Mickey Mouse Icon Laser collection includes a tote and crossbody bag. Both feature a white background with an embroidered silhouette of Mickey Mouse's head.

Items in the Mickey Mouse Icon series include a mini hipster bag and triple zip bag in fuchsia, along with a tote bag in either fuchsia or black. The mini zip and triple bag have several zippered compartments, while the tote has carrying handles and a clasp enclosure.

The Perfect Petals series features quilted phone cases, hipster bags, duffel bags and more. These items have black backgrounds, large flowers and images of Mickey Mouse. The Midnight with Mickey series features sleepover items, such as a duffel, tote and cosmetic bag, with a similar pattern and design.