What Kind of Clothing Do the Sioux Traditionally Wear?


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Females wore knee-length dresses made from soft deer skin, and men wore an apron-like breechcloth cinched by a belt around the waist. The traditional clothing of the Sioux is typically constructed from leather and includes shoes called moccasins and leggings for both males and females.

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The Sioux are a people indigenous to what is now the midwestern United States and traditionally hunted the local fauna, typically deer, elk and bison, for most of the hides they used to construct their clothing. In colder weather, the furs of buffalo were used to line shoes and create robes.

The Sioux used a variety of natural materials to ornament their attire. Vegetable dyes were applied to leather as well as to ornamentation made from turtle shells and porcupine quills. For special occasions, beaded dresses and vests were worn. Feathers were also often used for decoration and covered the familiar long feather headdresses for chiefs and warriors, though these were only worn on special occasions.

Both men and women wore jewelry made from a variety of materials that included shells, metal, beads and the bones and teeth of animals they hunted. They would fashion these materials into necklaces and arm bands for men and bracelets and earrings for women.

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