What Kind of Clothing Is Popular in Hip Hop Culture?

Hip hop culture fashion trends change frequently, but emphasis on extra baggy clothes, loose jeans and highly stylized jewelry, called "bling," has always been a central part of the fashion. Numerous artists in the hip hop genre have popularized a variety of specific clothing brands as well, such as Louis Vuitton.

In recent years, as of 2015, designers created fusions of old styles with newer ones. Brightly colored clothes and cartoon graphic print shirts have slowly gained popularity as more artists wear them.

In addition to clothes, numerous other design elements, such as hairstyles and tattoos, play a part in defining the hip hop look. Lil' Wayne and Soulja Boy are examples of artists popularizing tattoos. Rihanna and Kelis wear daring hairstyles that inspire many young fans to pursue their own unique style within the fashion. Additionally, track jackets and decorative accessories have re-emerged to add a stark dash of class to the urban look. Kanye West is one of the most recent artists to produce his own lines of decorative scarves.

As of 2010, a new snapback movement came back, resulting in modern hip hop fashion including things like crop tops, polo shirts, leather jackets, tube tops and sports shoes, in addition to all types of hoodies.