What Kind of Clothing Do Ojibwa People Wear?

kind-clothing-ojibwa-people-wear Credit: Neeta Lind/CC-BY-2.0

While modern Ojibwa people tend to dress like other Americans as of 2014, traditional Ojibwa clothing was usually made of deerskin. Men wore leggings and breechcloths, while women wore deerskin dresses and leggings. Men and women alike wore moccasins, also made of deerskin. Clothing was traditionally decorated with bones, porcupine quills, feathers and shells.

Women's dresses were made with two deerskins, one in front and one in back, and had detachable sleeves. Leggings for both men and women were made of deerskin formed into a tube and fastened to a belt using tie-on thongs.

Men wore headdresses, especially for ceremonial occasions. Some of these involved yarn wrapped around the head with feathers inserted. Fancier headdresses were made of otter skin sewn into a tube shape, then decorated with beads, eagle feathers and ribbons. War headdresses added a crest of animal hair that ran down the back of the wearer's neck; typically deer or moose hair was used, though porcupine quills and turkey feathers also served this purpose.

Ojibwa moccasins were made of soft deerskin, and even the sole was soft, in contrast to hard-soled moccasins worn by other tribes. Typically the moccasins had a central seam running down the length of the top foot. Ojibwa moccasins also were differentiated from those of other tribes because they often had a cuff sewn around the back of the ankle; this cuff was traditionally decorated with beads or quills.