What Kind of Clothes Do You Wear for Spiritual Dancing?


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Clothing worn for spiritual dancing is typically modest and voluminous in order to accentuate the movements of the dance with the flow of fabric. Spiritual dancers often wear liturgical dresses, which are long dresses with long sleeves that feature a loose, flowing skirt. Some pants and tunics are made for this specific type of dancing, though the pants are typically wide-legged and modest as opposed to the legging-style pants used for other types of dance.

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Spiritual dancing clothes are often monochromatic; if multiple colors are used, they are typically arranged in a color block fashion. Metallic accents may be used, but in general, these are modest, demure garments that have a design emphasizing gracefulness and movement.

In some Christian traditions, spiritual dancing is part of church activities that typically target female dancers who perform with other girls or women. Some religious traditions may see this form of dance as a way of fighting against evil or Satanic influences. For this reason, the differences between spiritual dance and more typical secular dance are clearly delineated, and churches may prefer to work with spiritual dance instructors who have experience in this specific area.

There are multiple Bible passages that deal with dance. In particular, Exodus 28:4 deals with the garments to be worn while engaging in spiritual dance.

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