What Kind of Clothes Do People Wear in Brazil?

Traditional Brazilian clothing varies depending on both location and profession. For example, gauchos, or cowboys, will wear ponchos, baggy pants called "bombachas," wide-brimmed straw hats and sturdy boots, and cowherds, or vaqueiros, wear leather chaps with a coat and hat. One will see traditional clothing in the countryside, while areas with a heavier population tend to show more modern clothing styles.

Amerindians, native Brazilians who live in the Amazon, wear minimal clothing, just simple tunics. Instead of embellishing their clothing, the Amerindians instead choose to decorate their bodies with body paint and intricate hairstyles.

In urban areas, both men and women prefer modern Western clothing. Jeans are popular for both sexes, and the preferred fit is tight and tapered down through the leg. Often the jeans are embellished with sequins or embroidery. Brazilian women are proud of their bodies and prefer shirts such as halters. They also wear dresses and skirts that are tight-fitting and stop just above the knee, sometimes mid-thigh.

When it comes to business attire, women dress business formal but in a way that also showcases their feminine side. This includes tailored suits and stylish dresses. Their clothes tend toward crafted and colorful patterns.