What Kind of Clothes Do Nerds Wear?

Classic nerds wear khaki pants, knee-high socks, white shirts with pocket protectors and a bow tie, thick black glasses and black loafers. A pair of suspenders pulls the pants up high enough to show the socks, and sometimes acid or stone washed jeans can be substituted for the khaki pants.

The awkward style of classic nerds are what people most picture when they hear the word nerd, but other types of nerds are sci-fi nerds and computer nerds. Each of these types has a unique style of dressing. Sci-fi nerds may wear elaborate costumes to science fiction conventions. For an everyday look, though, they usually wear graphic t-shirts with witty sayings or that reference their favorite science fiction shows, like Star Wars or Star Trek. They rarely wear long pants, and they usually wear shorts. They also always wear flip flops or sandals, even in cold weather, when they wear them with socks.

Computer nerds dress in a practical, comfortable way because they rarely leave the house. They wear plain, nondescript t-shirts and sweatshirts imprinted with college emblems. They wear sweatpants and stocking feet when staying around the house, and they may don a pair of jeans and plain sneakers for going out.