What Kind of Clothes Did Sacagawea Wear?

Sacagawea and other women of the Shoshone tribe of American Indians wore long deerskin dresses with wide sleeves and moccasins. Beadwork, fringes and porcupine quills decorated the dresses. They would also wear basket hats.

Shoshone men wore breechclouts and leggings of deerskin, cloth or animal fur. In colder weather, they wore shirts that were also fringed and beaded. Young girls would wear breechclouts like the boys until they were old enough for dresses.

Women swaddled their babies and carried them strapped to a cradle board, or papoose, on their back. Women and men both wore their hair long, either loose or in braids. Some had facial tattoos and painted their skin in different patterns, depending on whether it was for battle, religious ceremonies or decoration.

Shoshone women cooked, cleaned and took care of the children, while the men hunted and fought in battle. The Eastern and Northern Shoshone lived in tipis, or tents, made of buffalo hide and tall poles. Women had to set up, dismantle and carry these tipis from place to place. The Western Shoshone didn't hunt as much and didn't need to follow herds, so they lived in wikiups made of brush and branches laid on a wooden frame.