What Kind of Clothes Do Colombians Wear?

Most Columbians wear clothing similar to what is worn in other countries with a primarily Western culture. Dark-colored suits are usually worn by urban professionals. Members of the lower or working classes and farmers generally wear loose pants and skirts, known as folk clothes.

Women who live in urban areas are more selective and like trendy styles. Blouses that bare the shoulders, cropped T-shirts and low-rise jeans are popular options for Columbian women.

The dress in Columbia's coastal regions is influenced by their Caribbean neighbors to the north, as it is more free spirited, featuring bright-colored, loose-fitting styles. More traditional fashions are worn during national festivals and holidays. A well-known costume for women is the La Pollera Colora or "brightly colored skirt," which is typically worn with a matching blouse that reveals the shoulders. When performing on stage or in parades, men wear similar outfits accented with ruffles around the ankles, dazzling capes and artistic headdresses.

Casual wear for men includes jeans and a casual shirt. They still favor the traditional sombrero vueltiao, which means "turned hat." One common everyday garment worn by men and women in the colder Andean regions of Columbia is the ruana or cape, which is made of undyed wool.