What Kind of Clothes Do Chipewyan People Wear?


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Traditional Chipewyan clothing was made from animal-based materials and included warm tunics, leggings, moccasins and hats. Because the Chipewyan tribe was located in a cold region of Canada, fur was commonly used to make clothing.

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Traditionally, the Chipewyan tribe dried beaver pelts or rabbit and caribou skins to make clothing. The method used by the tribe resulted in a V shape at the hem of the shirt, a style that was distinctly related to the tribe. The shirts were referred to as "pointed skins" by both the tribe and others in the region. Leggings were often lined with fur to maximize warmth, and coats were hooded to protect the Chipewyan from cold winter winds. Caribou skins were the most common animal skins used to make clothing, while smaller skins, such as rabbit skins, were used to make mittens and other gear.

Mukluks are boots that were traditionally made from leather and caribou furs. These boots were knee high and fur lined to ensure they were warm enough to withstand the frequent snow of the region. Children's clothing included footed leather and fur pants with a separate hooded coat. Infants and babies were wrapped in warm furs and carried in fur-lined carriers or next to the body to maintain warmth during the coldest months of the year and kept dry with natural materials, such as fur or moss. Beads were used to decorate some items of clothing, such as belts.

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