What Kind of Accessories Are Available for Walking Sticks?


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Accessories for walking sticks include straps, ferrules, medallions, handles and display stands. Companies such as Brazos Walking Sticks and Treeline sell a variety of accessories and supplies for walking sticks and canes. While some accessories, such as spikes and rubber ferrules, improve the walking stick's functionality, others are decorative and make the stick distinctive and attractive.

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Other walking stick accessories from Brazos include compasses and carrying cases. Treeline sells leather lanyards, metal ferrules, ring holders and chrome handles and tops. Decorative medallions for walking sticks include designs representing the armed forces, Boy Scouts, political party affiliations and various wildlife.

The type of ferrule or spike the user chooses for his walking stick depends on how he intends to use the stick. Metal spikes that pierce the ground are best for hiking and other outdoor use. These also provide greater traction in winter weather. Rubber ferrules are preferable for indoor use because they provide traction and do not damage floors. Brazos and Treeline sell combination ferrules that include removable rubber outer layers with metal spikes inside. These allow the user to adjust the stick for a variety of uses.

The addition of a compass provides the user with a convenient and valuable hiking tool, while lanyards and straps make the stick easier to hold onto, especially if the user's grip slips.

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