What Are Some Key Personal Hygiene Tips?


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Some personal hygiene tips include brushing the tongue to cure bad breath, washing feet regularly to avoid foot fungus, and using an electric toothbrush with a two-minute timer, states Primer Magazine. While electric toothbrushes are more effective at cleaning teeth than ordinary toothbrushes, the timer is especially important, as it helps ensure that the appropriate amount of time is spent brushing in each session.

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To avoid the number one cause of bad breath, brush your tongue, advises Primer Magazine. If a gag reflex makes this difficult, form a fist with your non-dominant hand, placing your thumb inside the fist, and hold it firmly. For some people, this prevents the sensation of needing to gag. A tongue scraper or piece of dental floss can also help clean a tongue if brushing it is challenging.

If bad breath is a culprit, check for tonsil stones, suggests Primer Magazine. These are solidified pieces of food and other material that collects on the tonsils. To eliminate tonsil stones, gargle with salt water, remove with a Q-tip or toothpick, or ask the doctor for an antibiotic.

To avoid foot fungus, bad odor and unattractive appearances, wash feet regularly, notes Primer Magazine. This includes scrubbing toes and the bottom of each foot.

When possible, it is ideal to squat while defecating, suggests Primer Magazine. It serves two benefits: less strain on a person's rectum and less residue left behind. If squatting is not a realistic option, a person can elevate his feet on a 6-inch footrest or large pack of toilet paper.

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