What Are the Key Features of a Posture Shirt?


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Posture shirts commonly feature core compression to help promote good posture, breathable and moisture-resistant materials, specialized sleeves that allow for a full range of motion, and a stretchy inner core that helps keep the back and shoulders properly aligned. Some posture shirts also feature vented panels, pullover and zipper designs, antimicrobial protection, and the option for a slim or regular fit.

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Core compression creates a slim look and helps keep the wearer’s body in the right position for solid posture. Posture shirts feature materials that allow easy ventilation or have moisture-wicking properties to help prevent sweating during wear, and most shirts feature a stretchy inner core or expanding four-way stretch material that provides constant pressure on the back and shoulders to keep them in the right position for better posture.

Optional design features found on many posture shirts include pullover designs that let wearers easily slip the shirt on or off over their heads and zippered shirts that further simplify wear. Antimicrobial materials and liners in some shirts help prevent odors from bacteria during regular use, and many shirts come in at least two different fits so users can easily find the best option for their figure and attire. Some posture shirts also feature thin material that makes them ideal for daily wear under other articles of clothing.

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