What Are the Key Elements of a Mrs. Doubtfire Costume?

Key aspects of a Mrs. Doubtfire costume include the right style wig, floral dress and cardigan, and surgical stockings, according to Bustle. It also helps to practice a faux Scottish accent like the one Robin Williams uses in the movie of the same name as the character.

"Mrs. Doubtfire" made it hip to be a Scottish nanny and was another comedic hit for Robin Williams. His look as an older, heavyset woman with a love of floral patterns is an excellent source of inspiration for Halloween costumes for a guy.

It is easy enough to find an ankle-length floral dress a couple sizes too large and a baggy cardigan. Consider stuffing the bust and bottom of the dress with padding to help fill it out. Another option is to purchase a fat suit to really create the look. For footwear, guys should get a large, clunky pair of orthopedic work shoes and make sure to pull on some knee-high stockings.

The wig is an important part of the Mrs. Doubtfire costume. Make sure to get one that is styled with the hair up in a bun and a couple of large, wavy curls at the front. The wig worn in the movie is gray, but tinted a slight blond color.