How Do You Keep Jeans Tucked Into Boots?


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Methods for keeping jeans tucked into boots include folding the jeans horizontally or vertically, tucking jeans into socks and using commercially available devices to hold the jeans in place within the boots. More fitted pairs of jeans are easier to keep tucked into boots.

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How Do You Keep Jeans Tucked Into Boots?
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One method to keep jeans tucked into boots is to wrap the excess material from the jeans vertically around the ankle and calf before putting on the boot. If the boots are wide enough to accept the extra material, jeans can be further locked in place by cuffing them up horizontally after the vertical fold is made.

Tucking jeans into socks is another method to keep them in place while wearing boots. Lightweight, tight socks work best for this, since most boots are not wide enough to accept both the bulk of the folded jean and that of a thick sock. Socks used to tuck jeans need to be able to stretch and must be long enough to hold the jean in place.

For tight boots that do not allow the bulk of folded jeans or socks, there are devices that grip on to the hems of the jeans and hold them in place. Some of these clip on to the hem of jeans on either side of the ankle and loop under the foot like a stirrup.

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