How Do You Keep Your Dreadlocks Moisturized During the Winter?


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In order to keep dreadlocks moisturized during the winter, use a moisture-rich conditioner, switch to a heavier sealant, wear a heavy scarf or bonnet while sleeping and wash hair less frequently. Washing hair strips the hair of its natural oils that keep it moisturized, so it is important to make sure that hair is not being over-shampooed in dryer months.

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Dreadlocks tend to dry out during the winter due to the cold and lack of moisture in the air. If dreadlocks dry out too much, they could be damaged beyond repair. To prevent dreadlocks from drying out in the cold, many use moisture-rich conditioners that contain heavier oils and humectants. These conditioners may make hair look greasy in the summer, but are necessary for maintaining moisture in dry air. Similarly, switching to a heavier sealant such as avocado oil and shea butter will keep moisture in longer than lighter oils.

Other than using heavier products to moisturize dreadlocks in the winter, some also find it helpful to wear a heavy satin scarf or bonnet at night. Satin scarfs prevent moisture loss at night, and can even be worn during the day under a beanie or head scarf to keep the head warm and stop moisture from seeping out or evaporating.

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