How Do I Keep My Beard Soft?

How Do I Keep My Beard Soft?

Keep your beard soft by conditioning it with a mixture of store bought or homemade beard oil. Wash your face and beard with warm water and soap, then comb a small amount of beard oil through your beard until it is evenly distributed.

  1. Purchase or make your beard oil

    Purchase a ready made beard oil or create your own by mixing together a half ounce of jojoba oil, a half ounce of sweet almond oil and a few drops of your favorite scented essential oil. Choose an oil that does not irritate skin.

  2. Comb the oil through your beard

    Pour a small amount of the beard oil into your palms, and comb it through your beard with your fingers or a beard comb. Spread the oil throughout your entire beard, from the follicles near your skin to the very end of your beard.

  3. Oil your beard daily

    Oil your beard once per day, either in the morning after you shower or before you go to sleep at night.