What Is Kanekalon Synthetic Hair?

Kanekalon synthetic hair is top-quality and is used in hair extensions and wigs by many different companies. It feels natural, and offers softer and lighter hair which complements today's hairstyles.

Kanekalon is a world-renowned synthetic fiber that has been used for over 50 years to create high-quality hair extensions and wigs. The hair is lighter and softer than other synthetic fibers and looks more natural than other wigs or extensions.

Kanekalon synthetic hair is easy to care for and style. One simply has to wash it with a gentle shampoo and let it air dry, since excessive exposure to heat may damage the fibers.

Some Kanekalon products are made with Futura fibers. These fibers are considered to be the best quality, heat-resistant synthetic fibers by many top companies in the hair industry. The resistance of the fibers to heat allows women to create hairstyles they desire without worrying whether or not they will cause damage to their expensive wig or hair extensions.

Kanekalon's Ultima hair is a synthetic hair product that looks and feels like real human hair. It is man-made hair that has human hair characteristics because it is made with natural collagen protein. This gives it a rich, moisturized feel and the beautiful shine of natural hair.