What Are Some Facts About Kanchipuram Silk Saris?


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Weavers use hand looms and pure mulberry silk yarn, imported from Karnataka, to produce Kanchipuram silk saris. Kanchipuram silk saris feature zari weaving and bold contrasting colors. Each thread in the saris consists of three silk fibers twisted together, which makes the fabric more durable.

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Kanchipuram silk saris are world-famous for their durability, rich colors, shine and finish. Women wear the silk saris for weddings, parties and other special occasions, particularly throughout India. Kanchipuram is situated on the north-eastern coast of Tamil Nadu, and it is one of the seven sacred cities of India. Skilled artisans weave the saris using silk yarn, thread and dyes that are imported from other areas. The weaving and dyeing tradition of Kanchipuram is hundreds of years old.

Zari weaving gives Kanchipuram silk saris their distinguishing shine and finish. The saris feature metallic thread that is imported from Gujarat. Zari is the art of weaving threads made of gold or silver into fabrics. Modern Zari usually consists of a polyester or cotton yarn core, which is then wrapped in metallic gold or silver yarn. Kanchipuram silk saris feature metallic thread from Gujarat.

Weavers spend several days to complete each Kanchipuram silk sari. The saris use six yards of silk fabric, and most finished saris are 5.5 meters in length.

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