How Do Junior-Size Clothing Charts Compare to Other Sizes?

Junior-size clothing charts usually list sizes in odd numbers from size zero to size 17. There are also junior sizes for regular, curvy, plus and tall categories.

The junior size range is meant to serve as a transition between girls and misses' sizes. Pre-teens and early teens usually fall into this range, but many thin adult women also shop in the juniors department. It is recommended that adults look for one size larger than their size when shopping for a junior cut, according to Dharma Trading Co.

Junior clothing is cut smaller than misses' or ladies clothing. It is shorter with tops cut to fall at or above the waist and bottoms cut to fall at or below the waist.

The junior size chart will include a numeric size along with measurements for the hips, waist and bust like other sizes. Customers may even notice similarities in size measurements between junior and women's sizes. Even though the measurements will be the same at these three areas, they are different in other areas. For instance, junior sizes are shorter in the leg.

Juniors may want to get assistance when measuring for the right size. If found to be between sizes consider going to the next size larger to get a better fit.