What Are the Jewelry Marks of Popular American Jewelers?

The jewelry marks of popular American jewelers include the long oval that encloses Schreiner at the top and New York at the bottom that is the mark of Henry Schreiner. A shorter oval that encloses DeMario is the jeweler's mark for Robert DeMario jewelers.

Coro is the name used by Cohn and Rosenberger, whose firm designed jewelry between 1901 and 1979. One of its marks is a lozenge with Coro in cursive letters enclosed in a frame, with a smaller "Craft" beneath it. A pegasus to the left seems to be rearing into the frame. A mark for its Norseland line features a Viking ship.

BB Co.'s mark is a large B with a smaller B in the upper bowl and CO in the lower. C Co has a large C embracing the Co. Both are found inside an escutcheon which is found inside a circle. The Nye company, which was famous for its copper and silver jewelry, has a mark in the shape of a shamrock with N, Y and E on the leaves.

Trifari jewelers are famous for the crown that covers the T in its name, and the Unicorn jewelry company has a unicorn rampant in a circle. Fishel Nessler, or FN Co., made jewelry from 1885 to 1937. It was based in New York City and their mark was a fish with FN Co. inside.