What Is Jewelry Glue Used For?


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Use jewelry glue to repair broken jewelry or to bond gems and metal to settings in handmade jewelry pieces. E-6000 Jewelry and Craft Adhesive, Two Part Epoxy and Super Glue are some types of glue that work well on jewelry.

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Jewelry makers often use some type of glue to attach accents, such as rhinestones or pearls, to settings in rings and pendants or earring backs. In general, jewelry glue should be strong enough to bond with non-porous or semi-porous materials such as metal and rhinestones.

You can also use jewelry glue to repair broken jewelry. An adhesive can reattach a gem stone to a setting, or bond broken pieces of metal back together. In most cases, you should select an adhesive that dries to a clear finish, to avoid having the adhesive visible in the finished piece.

Super Glue may be an adequate adhesive for minor repairs on costume jewelry or jewelry that is not worn very often. This type of glue dries opaque, so you must use it carefully and sparingly. Dried Super Glue is strong but may break, as it has a similar consistency to glass. Two Part Epoxy is a better choice for metals and gemstones, as it dries strong and transparent.

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