What Are Some Jewelry Brand Slogans?

There are many jewelry slogans in use today, but some of the more notable among them include Jared's "He went to Jared's," Kay Jewelers' "Every kiss begins with Kay" and Pandora's "The Art of You." These slogans communicate a number of different sentiments ranging from the conflation of romance with jewelry to the experience of jewelry as a personal statement.

Kay's slogan "Every Kiss Begins with Kay" communicates the long association between romantic love and jewelry. This is an association which advertisers have fostered and which is supported by the links between physical beauty and fine jewelry.

Pandora Jewelry's "The Art of You" is just one of their many slogans, as many of their product lines have individual taglines. Some others include "Wherever Life Takes You, Take It With You" and "Your Rings Aren't Just Rings." These diverse taglines give their product lines individual identities and allow for a more developed advertising presence.

Jared's has had multiple slogans over the course of its long existence. Two of its most enduring are "Jared's: The Galleria of Jewelry" and "He Went to Jared's," the first of which expresses grandeur while the second shows the connection between meaningful gifts and strong family bonds.