How Do Jewelers Resize Rings?

The most common method used by jewelers to modify the size of rings is done by cutting the ring at its bottom part and making the necessary modifications before soldering the cut portion back together. To increase the size of the ring, it is spread after the cut is made to a desired size and then a new piece of the same metal is added before soldering it back together. When the size of the ring needs to be reduced, jewelers will cut and remove a strip from the ring and then narrow the band by joining the two ends of the cut part.

While resizing rings may appear to be a simple and straightforward procedure, there is a major drawback when such work is done on a ring. Rings that are resized tend to be weaker especially at the point where the jeweler made the cut and soldered the ring back together. For rings that are designed to have a top and bottom orientation, this problem becomes more pronounced as the bottom part where jewelers often make their cut is subjected to the most stress.

There are also certain types of rings and ring designs that cannot be resized. Titanium, for instance, would be impossible to resize because traditional methods will not work with the metal. Rings with gemstones may also pose some problems when resizing ring, because they may be embedded on rings in such a way that makes it impossible to remove them without damaging the ring.