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Jasper stone is a type of gem that forms from quartz and chalcedony; it exists in a wide spectrum of colors, and appears in many areas around the world. Jasper's extraction and use dates back to the days of ancient civilizations, including the Persian Empire and Greece. Historically, it sees use as a building and decorative stone; jasper is used to create bowls, pottery and small objects and adorns interior and exterior spaces.

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Jasper comprises primarily of quartz and has a light, translucent appearance. The area and surrounding conditions in which jasper forms account for the wide variation in the stone's appearance and composition. Jasper forming in canyons, for instance, appears different than jasper originating in lakes, mountains and valleys. When fractured or split, jasper stones forming in these locations bear unique striations and patterns. External factors, such as surrounding plant growth and exposure to the elements, influence the colors of jasper gems. Their colors range from predominantly green to red, yellow, white and pink.

As a shiny and attractive gem, jasper makes a popular stone for decorations and jewelry. It comprises rings, necklaces and other jewelry, and also creates aesthetically pleasing building facades . This stone has a hardness of just under 3.0 on the Mohs scale, and is easy to cut, polish and shine. In its refined form, it appears in small accessories such as vases and boxes.

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