How Do You Do James Dean Hair?

How Do You Do James Dean Hair?

To create James Dean hair, wash and condition the hair, rub it with a towel, brush it, blow dry the hair, apply and brush styling pomade through the hair and apply hairspray. This procedure takes approximately 30 minutes and requires shampoo, conditioner, a towel, a hairbrush, a blow dryer, styling pomade and hairspray.

  1. Prepare the hair

    Wash and condition the hair. Rinse it with warm water, then rub it with a towel.

  2. Dry the hair

    Brush the hair, then blow dry it. As you dry the hair, use the brush to lift the hair at the crown and in back of the head.

  3. Apply pomade

    Scoop up a pea-sized dollop of pomade, and rub it between your hands. Rake your fingers through the hair to distribute the pomade. If your hair is coarse, apply additional pomade.

  4. Brush and shape the style

    Wipe your hands on a towel. Brush the hair on the sides of the head straight back from the temples, then brush the crown, moving the brush straight back from the forehead. Return the brush to one side of the head, and draw it up to the middle of the crown. Repeat on the other side. Finish shaping the style with your fingers.

  5. Apply hairspray

    Mist the hair with flexible-hold hairspray.