What Are James Bond Suits?

James Bond suits are classic, formal suits and tuxedos that are typically black or grey. The suit for the 2012 Bond movie "Skyfall" was designed by Tom Ford. The suits are tailored to fit each actor. As Bond, Daniel Craig had 30 tailor-fit suits that he wore throughout the movie.

Tom Ford has created James Bond's outfits twice while working for the franchise. In addition to "Skyfall," he made the suits for "Quantum of Solace" in 2008. Each time, the suit was designed specifically for the actor and his personal style while maintaining the character's traditional look. The suit that James Bond wears is always classically tailored, and it is made in block colors so that the viewer focuses on the actor instead of the clothing.

James Bond also wears tuxedos and daywear in the franchise, but neither style is as iconic as the traditional black suit. Each of Daniel Craig's suits in "Skyfall" was slightly different. Some were reinforced for stunt scenes, while others had more length on the legs or arms for increased maneuverability. Some of them were manually soiled or damaged by the costuming department for scenes that involved blood or wear and tear to the suits. The suits were all handmade in Italy.