How Do Jamaicans Dress?


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How Jamaicans dress depends widely on the activity; on a typical work day, they dress up in a professional manner. This includes white shirts and ties or even suits for men and skirts and jackets for women.

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According to the Centre for Intercultural Learning, Jamaicans dress in professional, semi-formal attire when they go to work. On Fridays, instead of dressing down, they tend to dress up because many go out after work.

Jamaica has a lot of British influence, which accounts for the semi-formal attire. It is also the reason children wear uniforms to school. Typically, people only dress down in sandals and shorts at home or on the beach. Foreigners also tend to dress down because they're either unfamiliar with the culture or are unused to the heat in Jamaica, which can be overwhelming.

Traditional Jamaican clothing includes the quadrille dress and bush jackets. The quadrille dress is made of calico, a lightweight material that has the added bonus of keeping women cool. The bush jacket, which is a shirt and worn by men, is pleated and has buttons and pockets running up the front and sides. These pockets are decorated with even more buttons and often stylized stitching.

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