How Do I Get Jalapeño Juice Off My Hands?

jalapeno-juice-off-hands Credit: Paul Richer/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Jalepeño juice or oil can often cause a burning sensation or rash on the skin. It can be eliminated from hands or skin by using dish soap, milk or aloe vera, all of which have qualities that counteract the burning sensation from jalepeño peppers on skin. Gather the above listed ingredients, a sink with running water and a small brush to get rid of jalepeño juice on the hands.

  1. Wash hands with grease-cutting dish soap

    Wash your hands immediately with a grease-cutting dish soap and hot water. Use a small brush to remove the jalepeño juice or oil from beneath the fingernails where it may have lodged. Dry your hands.

  2. Rinse hands with milk

    If the jalapeño juice or oil persists on the skin, take cold milk from the refrigerator. Stand again at the sink, and rinse your hands in milk for 5 to 10 seconds. This also helps rid the skin of any remaining juice or oil and alleviates any burning sensations.

  3. Apply aloe vera

    If a burning sensation continues, use the sap from an aloe vera plant to coat the hands and instantly cool any burning. By this point, the jalepeño juice or oil should be eliminated from the skin.