Who Was Jackie Kennedy's Fashion Designer?

jackie-kennedy-s-fashion-designer Credit: Michael Ochs Archives / Stringer/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

In 1960, Oleg Cassini became first lady Jacqueline Kennedy's official designer. Cassini designed an entire wardrobe for her that made her a fashion icon of young women around the world. Other designers made popular by the first lady during that time were Chanel, Givenchy and Dior.

Cassini began his career as a youth, when he traveled to France to sketch new fashions and brought the sketches home to Italy for designers to replicate. He studied drawing and went on to win several awards in fashion before selecting it as a career. He then moved to Hollywood and began designing costumes for movies. Later, he established his own salon in 1948 and went on to achieve great success in the fashion industry as a designer for the wealthy, the famous and the middle-class alike.