How Do You Get a J.C. Penney Print Catalog?

J.C. Penny begins mailing its current print catalog to existing customers in March of 2015. Individuals who are not existing customers can go to, chat live with a customer service rep and request a catalog.

A customer's contact info must be present in J.C. Penney's database in order to receive its new catalog. To access a customer service rep via J.C. Penney live chat, click Customer Service at, and click Chat Now.

Customers who make online purchases are automatically entered into the J.C. Penney database. The 2015 catalog marks the end of a five-year hiatus amidst a general decline of print catalogs in an age predominated by online shopping.

J.C. Penney hopes the new catalog serves as a look book that ultimately drives sales to its remaining stores and its website. The catalog primarily features items from J.C. Penney's home department. This reflects the company's research, which showed that customers still favor traditional print pieces when browsing products, especially home merchandise. The home category comprises 40 percent of J.C. Penney's online sales.

The new, scaled-down catalog is 120 pages, a fraction of the size of previous J.C. Penney catalogs, which often approached 1,000 pages. J.C. Penney once published three big catalogs annually, with approximately 70 smaller catalogs appearing for various holiday seasons.